We never promised the wonders of a Chocolate Factory

On the first day of spring, we were delighted to welcome Dunbeath Primary School to the factory at Forss.

ChildrenAs part of their current school topic, the children have been looking at Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and were enjoying a day away from school to find out a bit about how things are made.

After donning their hairnets and aprons, (which caused much mirth), the children were given a factory tour and shown some of the weird and wonderful equipment.

DecoratingWe could never promise the wonders of the Chocolate Factory, but chocolate certainly played a part as Stewart, (our own Willie Wonka), decorated shortbread with each pupil’s initial. They watched their personalised shortbread go through the wrapping machine before adding it to their goody bag to take home.

It was a pleasure to play host to such a well-behaved and attentive group and great fun too.

Oatcakes & Stovies raise £2000 for RNLI

RNLI Stovies and OatcakesWe would like to congratulate Helmsdale Masonic Lodge on the magnificent sum of £2000 raised at their Stovies and Oatcakes night in aid of the RNLI. We were happy to lend our support to this worthy cause by supplying the oatcakes.


Well done to all concerned.

Stewart & Margaret