Selling Like Hot Cakes!

Nothing sells like a hot cake used to, the church bake sales of 1800 was a popular social gathering; the pancakes went quickly as they were best eaten hot. People bought these treats quickly because they were afraid they would get cold or the stall would sell out.

Our products are not hot cakes, but we know they sell like them because:

We use tried and tested recipes combined with a wealth of family experience, plus quality ingredients, locally sourced where possible. These allow us to produce some of the best Scottish products available. Our consumers often let us know, in letters and emails asking where they can buy our products locally.

The quality of our product is matched by our packaging and labels. The designs on both are contemporary but also reflect our Scottish background.

All of this comes together to create an ideal product for any retail operation selling food or gifts, quite simply they sell and sell again, with a good margin for your business.

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