Just decided I would write you a quick email to say your wee oatcakes are the best I have ever had. I’ve eaten several times my weight in oatcakes over the 32 years of my life so far and yours are BY FAR the best – fantastic with some cheese! Just the right size, creamy tasting and crunchy all at the same time.

The best bit is that my wife, who is from the USA, has a mother who is also addicted to them now. She lives in Florida. We shall do our best to spread the word over the water! She is visiting at Christmas and I have a feeling she will be taking back somewhere near 30 packets…

P.s. I’m envious of your location. When I was a wee boy in the mid to late 80’s my Mum and Dad took me every year on holiday to Skarfskerry all the way through to the late 90’s. I still get back there occasionally! So I know Thurso, Forss, Scrabster and the rest of northern Caithness really well. Please do give it my regards!

Andy EvansArmadale, West Lothian

I cycled LEJOG this summer with my 15 y.o. daughter and we fell for your biscuits and oatcakes when we got to the Caithness area. We would love to order some to be shipped to us in the US. Do you do that? If so, can you let me know shipping prices and packet prices, please.

Alice CharksUnited States of America

We have just had one of our relatives bring down presents from Thurso, of which your Toffee Chip Shortbread biscuits played a big part in our family relations………There was nearly a punch up to get the last one because they are really that good. (but you knew that)
My good lady wife is renown across the Borders for her excellent shortbread but she admits to being surpassed by yours, which believe me, is quite something.

I confess to rescuing that poor lonely biscuit to keep it safe……… (in my belly).

Have not yet seen them at our local (Penicuik) Tesco store yet. Can you tell us where to get some more please….please..please. And also what other biscuits you produce.

Thanks in anticipation of larger waistline.

Nick MurrellNM Engraving & Cutting Edge

I wanted to thank you for sponsoring our True North Conference with shortbread biscuits. A pack went into each conference pack (see image attached) and they were also served with teas and coffees. It was a lovely surprise for the conference delegates, and very well received.
Personally, I had not tried your shortbread before, and I have to truly say that I’ve not had shortbread like this ever before. They are my absolute favourites! I think you’ve won a customer for life in me.

Anna VermehrenDirector, True North Conference